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News about Cancer Care for the Whole Physical Bod

Parts vs. whole. What exactly does that mean in physical health? The parts (cells, tissues, organs, matrix, and other components) create the whole environment in your entire body. Think about it. And try to feel into it. Nothing is separate. Everything is connected. Your health includes one whole integrative system in your physical body.

So who treats the entire body in cancer patients? Fortunately more and more doctors and other providers are offering different types of integrative health care to cancer patients. Some of them call it integrative, others holistic, and even a few alternatives if their terminology has different definitions. Terms vary and the essential is to always choose quality providers.

And what exactly do providers give to cancer patients to treat the entire body? That depends on the clinic, their knowledge, and practice. Treatments include assessments, evaluations, and tests to identify each patient as a person to receive individualized care. Medicine cannot be the same for each individual. Depending on the provider and who they are treating, integrative cancer care may include anti-inflammation, curcumin, Vitamin D, other supplements and herbs, mistletoe, acupuncture, Vitamin C infusions, other supplement infusions, marijuana, vaccines, IPT therapy, and much more. Individualized, customized care may also include molecular target tests and therapies helping more and more people with different types of cancer. EmbodiWorks will be adding additional information in our Body section about cancer treatments.

The news about medicine treating the whole physical body is both old and new. The old goes back many centuries, but let’s look at it during the end of the 1800s. In 1889, Stephen Paget, MD published an article in The Lancet saying that cancer only grows in fertile soil, or a hospitable environment in the body for the diseased cells– “When plant goes to seed, its seeds are carried in all directions, but they can only live and grow if they fall on congenial soil.” Unfortunately health care moved away from integrative, holistic medicine in the early 1900s for many years. But the truth did not disappear. Today, now and more than ever in the last 100 years, cancer care is expanding to treat more of the physical body and whole person.

So focus on your body. Know that it’s not only about your parts and instead a whole. Your whole and the totality of who you are. People with cancer need better care to improve their quality of life and survival. That absolutely includes whole body care. What are you doing to support your physical body through your cancer journey?